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Very young boy pics he had lost his lust for the open road. Three months on tour was too damned long, however much success came from the enterprise. People who had never done this kind of thing for a living always seemed to think it must be such a glamorous lifestyle, being in a band; in Milan one day, Paris the next... doing interviews for popular music shows or glossy magazines. They never stopped to think about the kind of schedule that saw you fall asleep in your seat on a rancid very young boy pics bus leaving Glasgow Barrowlands at three in the morning, just a few hours after crawling off stage from a two hour set, to wake up at dawn in Hull, freezing your balls off whilst you waited for a ferry to Rotterdam, where in just a few hours you would be required to soundcheck for another two hour set that same night; in the meantime having slotted in four or five interviews and maybe (just maybe, if you were lucky) wolfing a cardboard sandwich and a Styrofoam coffee that didn’t touch the sides of your gullet all the way down. In the three and very young boy sex half, chaotic months just past, Whipsnade had finally concluded the mixes for their third album, ‘Drowning Fields’. B-sides were laid down for the next three earmarked singles at the same time and the band recorded promotional videos for them throughout the last week of April. This involved a twelve hour round trip to Berlin for the filming of ‘Willing Mind’ and three days standing on the moors above Bodmin, in driving sleet, doing the very young boy pics for ‘She’s Got Stars To Walk On’. Preliminary gigs for the album tour had run throughout April, worldwide, after which the band were allowed to return to London for two whole days to record a slot on ‘Later…’ and the video for ‘Animorous’. Filming took place on the abandoned tube station at Mornington Crescent and featured a pair of black panthers and a crew of hip-hop home-boys (from Islington) who spray-painted the tunnels with Whipsnade’s band logo and subsequently got them banned en-masse from the Underground young boy gay sex Shooting done with, there quickly followed on-the-road interviews for the trade press to coincide with the single pressing of ‘Animorous’ and the release of ‘Drowning Fields’ in June. Most of these conversations took place on buses and trains en-route to Europe’s major capital cities for more promotional gigs. During the first week of May, Whipsnade even played in Bucharest and Zagreb where (and Matty was young gay boy sex about this) they had a solid fan-base.